How Crucial is the Single Customer View?

There is a common phrase that is being bandied about these days in the field of marketing, and it’s called the single customer view. The idea is that business marketers use sources such as Artificial Intelligence to collect all data available to get create a single conclusion in one place about a person’s marketing habits such as she is a high-end shopper but only when there is excellent value due to a sale.


It discusses key marketing functions such as identifying as closely as possible the niche that a person might fit in such as a fisherman who lives in Little Rock Arkansas makes $50,0000 plus per year but is only interested in fly fishing.


This profile might differ from the profile of a person who lives in Rural Arkansas who is retired, makes under $30,000, goes fishing 3 times per week, and generally prefers to fish for smallmouth bass or crappies.


Is the point of view marketing just about gathering data via AI and using that data to to come up with the best marketing campaigns?


No, says an article on Buffer at


As a quote from Branding Expert Matt Matt Cheuvront, author of Proof Branding says, “You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something great to someone.


The translation is: be willing to take a stand and have a point of view is just as essential if you want rabid fans to support your company.


The market is just too fragmented to rely simply on the numbers that AI provides to attempt to capture the entire market.


Instead, pick a niche with the help of AI, and then stick with it. It definitely will mean you will lose some customers but that can’t be helped.


You may need two or three niches to develop a sustainable business, but above all limited your efforts to providing fantastic customer service and the best experience possible.


AI may tell you what customers have bought but be careful you are in business with an already established market.


For example, the Balance Small Business at has a list of 10 niches that have proven to be popular year after year. And you don’t need AI to prove that they work.


The bottom line?


AI is fantastic for finding out which customers will most likely buy from your niche but be sure that are also selling in a niche that gives you the most opportunity to be successful.


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