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All you need to know about Laser Hair removal

Hair removal is very much part of everyone’s life and a very common method in use now is laser hair removal. People removed unwanted hairs from their face, legs, eyebrows, arms and other areas of their body for many reasons. Some of the reasons for indulging in hair removal may be due to religious obligations, while others are societal in nature or for health (hygiene).

Some people are into hair removal, such as Brazilian hair removal, for sexual reasons as well as a completely hairless body makes them feel clean, sexy and feminine. Medically, removing of say, pubic hair, reduces the chances of germs, foul odour and of skin irritations. In some traditions and cultures, removal of pubic hair is a compulsory process.

Hair Removal Products

But generally, excessive hair is a no-no where most women are concerned and that is why they invest in products such as laser hair removal machines, epilators, electric shavers, hair removal creams, tweezers, hair growth inhibitors, chest hair remover and even electrolysis hair remover. It can be traumatic for people with a hairy problem.

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A woman with thick facial hair can feel rather embarrassed when strangers start staring at her. Similarly, those with hairy limbs can be a target for ridicule and can affect their confidence. In fact, society exerts such pressures that unwanted hair psychologically affects eight out of 10 people in respect of one’s sense of inferiority and lack of confidence.

Thus, they prefer to endure moments of torture, plucking, waxing, tweezing, threading, sugaring, or shaving to remove unwanted hairs. Then they have to put up with the risk of things like laser hair removal side effects. Their eyes are also trained on hair removal product reviews and on hair removal forums in order to get the latest products, information, and tips.

Female Pubic Hair Removal

Depilation of the nether regions is also a common practice, and a common method is known as Brazilian waxing or Brazilian laser hair removal. A few termed the procedure as vagina hair remover or simply female pubic hair removal. For those unfamiliar with the Brazilian wax, it is a hair removal treatment method to remove growth “down there”.

Many people like celebrities, film stars, fashion models and swimsuit models have professional reasons for pubic hair removal. Some others may do it because their partner prefers a clean genital area which looks like a baby’s bottom where no hair grows. Most ladies and girls won’t dare head out to the beach in summer without going for a Brazilian waxing first, or at least a Brazilian laser hair removal of their bikini line. Do you know that some people also opt for anal hair removal?

Shaving – A Traditional Hair Removal Technique

While new technology, such as the use of Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal machines, has penetrated the hair removal business, treatments may not necessarily be within our financial means – hence many people still adhere to the many traditional hair removal methods available which is lower in cost.

Their main target spots are the chin, upper lip, bikini line, arms, back, legs and armpits. Of the traditional methods of hair removal, shaving seems to be the most popular option but it does come with its share of dangers. Although it is perhaps the fastest method of hair removal, there is the danger of getting nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Then there is also the need to shave every few days to maintain the smooth finish.

Permanent Hair Removal Products – Top Is Laser Hair Removal

For those where money is not a concern, they would generally opt for a laser hair removal procedure as it works and the results lasts. Treatment using lasers are relatively painless and effective under the care of a specialist, and the result can be said to be permanent.

However, to achieve the state of permanent hair removal, several treatments are required because of the nature of how hairs grow. But laser hair removal prices can be quite prohibitive. The average price of laser hair removal depends on many factors, such as location of the clinic, the physician’s branding methodology, the area of the body concerned, size of the area involved, packages, etc.

That is why some people prefer to buy laser hair removal machine. For those who opt to do it themselves, they should heed the warning on the product label and follow instructions to the T because they don’t have the service of a doctor to supervise them.

Removal of Hair by Men

How about men, do they shave their body like women do or are they confined to shaved heads (bald) and beards? The answer is yes, many of them are into hair removal also.

Most sportsmen, especially bodybuilders, do shave using traditional methods while some opt for more exotic body builder’s hair removal products.

These guys are not shy of removing unwanted hairs from their bodies, but mostly for professional reasons. How about the groin area? That too, but many of them use the shaving method to remove pubic hair. However, some clinics do provide male Brazilian or penis hair removal services as well, which shows that there is a demand for it.



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