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Know About Effects Of Polypodium Leucotomos

What is Polypodium leucotomos?

Polypodium leucotomos are used to prevent skin and skin issues including sunburn, eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, vitiligo and pores and skin most cancers. It is also used for other cancers and Alzheimer’s disorder. Polypodium leucotomos might have antioxidant results. Antioxidants might prevent harm as a result of immoderate solar publicity.

What is the use of Polypodium leucotomos?

  • Itchy and infected skin (eczema). Early studies show that taking a selected Polypodium leucotomos extract (Anapsos by way of ASAC Pharma) via mouth might reduce inflammation in humans with itchy and infected skin.
  • The effectiveness of Polypodium leucotomos for dementia is unclear. 360 mg by day by way of mouth for four weeks might improve intellectual feature in human beings with mild to slight dementia
  • Some evidence suggests that Polypodium leucotomos extracts may improve signs and symptoms or extreme psoriasis.
  • A particular Polypodium leucotomos extract (Fernblock with the aid of Cantabria Pharmaceuticals) earlier than sun exposure can reduce reddening of the skin and signs of skin harm.

How does it work?

Polypodium leucotomos has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory residences, which may additionally provide an explanation for its potential for damage to excessive solar publicity and its usefulness in rendering certain pores and skin conditions.

The high percent of antioxidant phenols in PL were proven to protect and inhibit the formation of loose radicals from UV radiation (and thereby stopping oxidative damage). It has also been shown to assist prevent sunburn and reduce the reddening of skin which can occur with sun exposure.

By inhibiting free radicals which includes reactive oxygen species in skin tissue, long-term DNA damage and picture-growing old may be averted

What to Consider before taking Polypodium leucotomos?


Most of the research on Polypodium leucotomos leaf extract has been achieved with doses of approximately 240mg to 480mg per day, although numerous researches were completed with dosages of 80mg or 120mg,

Safety: when you are within the sun. As usually, be very cautious to keep away from big sun publicity; You can read article  about polypodium leucotomos at our website.



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