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Spray Tan Solutions – A Guide To Buying & Choosing Spray Tan

Best spray tanning solution comes in many sizes & varieties & it might be impossible to hide all the variations here, but I will be able to plan to offer a couple of points which are worth considering when purchasing spray tan solution (S.T.S).

STS is typically applied via an HVLP (High Volume Low Power) or airbrush system. the answer once applied produces a tan which generally develops over the subsequent 5 – 10 hours. The tan wears off over the subsequent 1-3 weeks.

STS contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) because of the active ingredient. DHA may be a colorless chemical (it springs from sugar cane) that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to supply a brown color change. Since these dead skin cells are constantly being shed, the color change produced by DHA usually lasts about five to 10 days but there are reports of tans lasting up to four weeks.

DHA isn’t absorbed through the skin into the body and it’s no known toxicity. DHA was first discovered by the Germans within the late 1920s & has been utilized in cosmetic preparations for nearly 30 years.

STS also can contain other ingredients that may affect the standard of the tan & the sturdiness of that tan. a number of these ingredients can include burn plants which can help sustain the tan through skin moisturization & Eurythrolose which features a similar effect to DHA but because it’s very expensive it is often overlooked of some cheaper STS’s.

Many STS quotes half of DHA which may act as a guide to the darkness of the tan they ought to perhaps quote the Eurythrolose content also. an honest STS is actually a balance of all the ingredients, simply going for a better DHA isn’t always the simplest thanks to go. it’s for this reason that you simply should be wary of companies that seem to supply STS in many various % DHA as often they simply add more drops of pure DHA but fail to balance the answer with proprietary ingredients like Eurythrolose. Generally the upper the DHA content the longer it’ll fancy dry & the tackier it’ll feel on the skin & the more chance you’ve got of rubbing it off before the DHA has had time to “take”, this will produce a patchy effect. More care must be taken when handling a solution which may be a higher DHA. The strongest spray tan (at 15% DHA) is Siennasol Extreme.

STS is typically available in tinted or clear. most of the people choose the tinted because it can sometimes be easier to ascertain where you’ve got been, however with a touch of experience & an honest application regime clear STS can sometimes be the well-liked solution for the experienced spray tan technician because it stops the answer staining clothes, walls, carpets, etc. Clients like to see their actual tan develop over time. The bronze pigment no reference to the ultimate tan & will wash after their first shower.

Because of these variations, it’s always an honest idea to undertake a tan before you plan to that five-liter bottle. Also, make sure that you’re buying fresh stock, & if you decant it to ensure it’s into appropriate HDPE plastic bottles. STS should be stored during a cool dark place (preferably a fridge).

STS might not be suitable for everybody occasionally some people can have an allergy to DHA. There also are certain skin conditions that can end in an uneven, unattractive “tan.” These conditions include skin that has been previously damaged by the sun, “older” skin, mottled or freckled skin and scars. Care should even be taken to stop DHA coloration of the hair and nails. It should even be noted that a sunless “tan” isn’t really a suntan and affords no protection whatsoever against the skin damage the sun may cause.

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