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What is ADA Compliance

World Wide Web consortium on web content accessibility came up with guidelines that will govern how organizations websites will be compliance. One of such policies and regulations is the American Disabilities Act.

Many people wonder what ADA compliance is and how to transform their sites to be fully compliant with this Act. For a start, the American with Disabilities Act. ADA is a regulation instituted in early 1990 with the sole aim to reduce or ultimately end biased and other forms of discrimination based on each one of us abilities. The ADA Act has most of its inspiration drawn from the famous American Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Act sets boundaries and abolished any form of discrimination based on sex, religion, race or nation of origin. For any organization to get classified as ADA compliance, it has to employee peoples with disabilities and accords them equal chances and opportunities as a non-disabled employee.

In September of 2010, the American Department of Justice went a step further and published the standards to gets used for design compliant with the American Disabilities Act. The published standards, are used as a guidance and a benchmark for any electronic and Information technology to be readily accessible and available to persons who have disabilities. The Act specifies that all computer systems, both hardware and software, must be compliant with this Act.

ADA compliance comes specifically designed for any business entities, both commercial and public. In this regard, business running on the internet is as well required by law to comply with this Act fully. As an employer, its prudent to be aware of whether the ADA compliance law affects you and when. If you happen to be running an entity with employees who have disabilities, you are obligated to be ADA compliant. Similarly, if your organization, whether private or public, has a combined workforce of more than 15 employees, your entity must comply with the ADA regulation.

It’s quite normal to worry about how you, as a company, can become ADA compliant. The Act in itself usually advocates and encourages companies and business entities to strive and become compliant. They can do so by regulating themselves internally on the standards and policies set by the department of justice. The DOJ, have enough regulations and guidelines that companies can absorb and develop internal rules to make them ADA compliant.

In a situation where you find yourself in a hard and rock, and you do not understand the technicalities of the ADA act, the department of justice offers any available assistance to enable your entity to become compliant. You must be aware that the department of justice highly protects the rights of individuals with disabilities, and it’s critical we all adhere to the set regulations.

As mentioned earlier, the ADA act has now moved from just covering premises and business entities, and they are now concerned on the Information and accessibility of web content on your website. Relaying Information is quite critical in your journey to becoming ADA compliant. The ADA, Act provides that, formation be supplied in pdf format and on top of that have a complete checklist on your website for easier access. Finally, your choice of colours must comply with colour contrast to allow persons with partial blindness and other sight disabilities access your content.



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